Monday, November 10, 2014

Poem - "Just A Common Soldier" - "A Soldier Died Today"

JUST A COMMON SOLDIER (A Soldier Died Today)
© 1987 A. Lawrence Vaincourt
You may already know of this poem.
However, I didn't until I read the following article in the Toronto Star news online today.

Poem written by veteran republished around the world every Remembrance Day
"Just a Common Soldier," a poem by Lawrence Vaincourt, shot to internationnal
attention after part of it was republished by an Ann Landers column
The Star
by Jacques Gallant
Published: 10 Nov 2014

There are many videos of this poem online:

The following video has a man reciting the poem while showing war photos.
The words of the poem are listed below the video after you click on "Show More"

Randy Vancourt performs the well-known poem, written by his father.
(I don't know why his surname is spelled without the "i".)
Uploaded on Sep 3, 2009
From the musical BORN LUCKY.

Born Lucky - the Musical by Randy Vancourt
is a high-energy, family musical comedy, based on the collected writings of A. Lawrence Vaincourt. Best known for the internationally-acclaimed poem JUST A COMMON SOLDIER (A Soldier Died Today), Larry was an award-winning writer who published hundreds of newspaper columns and numerous books.

His son, Randy Vancourt, is an award-winning composer, writer and performer. In 1996 Randy began poring over thousands of pages of his father's work, gradually piecing together the show that would eventually become BORN LUCKY.

Connie Francis recorded it.

 Recitation by Connie Francis
Officially Released:    Dec, 2013
                      Label:   Concetta Records!veterans/c1edj

Below is a link to a 1 page pdf of this poem.

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