Sunday, November 30, 2014

Video - Song used to wake up the crew NASA spacecraft 1997

This song by Moxy Fruvous (Jian Ghomeshi's band) was "used to wake up the crew
of NASA spacecraft STS-85 in 1997".

I like the song.

I had never even heard of the band or the song before Jian Ghomeshi's troubles.

You Will Go To The Moon
by Moxy Fruvous

Here is one of the comments posted below the video:
NOTE:    Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention.
Wrenn007 years ago
At Worldcon in 1998, in Baltimore MD, I gifted the Lunar Resources Company (the Artemis Project) with a CD of "You Will go to the Moon". They had a VR helmet with a 3D lunar lanscape. They spent the rest of the con piping the music of this song into it. :) Jian wrote, on the insert on my replacement copy of the CD "To Wrenn, our Ambassador" :D Ah. Memories.


I found out about this song when I was looking at the slides in the following
article on the internet.

Jian Ghomeshi Was In Cottage Country All This Time
The Huffington Post Canada
by Jesse Ferreras
Posted: 11/27/2014 8:34 pm EST Updated: 11/27/2014 8:59 pm EST

Slide 14 of 35
bolding was done by me
On Day 8, the crew was awakened by the song "You Will Go to the Moon" by Canadian artists Moxy Früvous, selected by astronaut Marc Garneau, the first Canadian in space.

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