Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Archie" Comics - Bart Beaty - English Prof - U of Calgary

Can you imagine an English prof specializing in knowledge about Archie comics ?
Well there is  - Bart Beaty - here in Canada at the University of Calgary.
Students can even take his courses re comic books.

Below is a link to an interview in today's Toronto Star newspaper:

Q&A with Bart Beaty, comics scholar and Archie expert
"University of Calgary professor Bart Beaty has written a book looking at the
enduring popularity of Archie comics — and the meaning of Betty’s hair."
by Amy Dempsey GTA
Published: Sunday, 07 Dec 2014

(I was totally puzzled re him talking about Jughead being people's favourite character. 
Not mine!  I like Betty.)


Bart Beaty's webpage at the University of Calgary:

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