Friday, January 9, 2015

Divided Textbook "Psychology" into Volumes

I divided the textbook "Psychology" by David G. Myers into 3 magazine-size volumes for my MUN course PSYC1000 during the Fall term.  This course covered modules 1 - 30.

I am taking MUN course PSYC1001 this Winter term, so I will continue dividing this textbook into more magazine-size volumes.  This course will cover the rest of this textbook, modules 31 - 59.

                                          Volume 1 covers Modules    1 to 10
                                          Volume 2 covers Modules  11 to 21
                                          Volume 3 covers Modules  22 to 39

I used my kitchen paring knife to cut the cover off the textbook.
Then I used my paring knife to divide the book so that each volume is approx. 1/4" thick.
I made covers from white Bristol board.
I glue the spine of the book section to the spine of my Bristol board cover.
I tape the book section to the inside of the front & back of the Bristol board cover.
I glue & tape a cover sheet on the front cover of each volume.
Then I cover each volume with clear Con-Tact brand adhesive plastic.

Below are some pictures.


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