Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Student Carshare at MUN- Drive new KIA for $6-$10/hr - gas/insurance included

If MUN students with good driving records - including Foreign Students - use promo code MUNSU by Fri 27 Feb at 11:59pm, there is NO CHARGE to join Student CarShare
This saves students $75.  I joined today online.

I think it is great to be able to drive a 2015 KIA car (with cost of gas & insurance included) for such low cost.  Being able to get into the car (by swipping the card they send you) at the location on MUN campus in St. John's or at the nearby Freshwater Road Apts is really convenient.

The company's website is well setup and should answer any questions that you have.
Student CarShare is Canadian owned and operated.
Michael Lende is the founder and Chief Executive of Student CarShare.
 $6  an hour during 12:01am-11:59am Mon-Thurs
 $9  an hour during 12:01pm-11:59pm Mon-Thurs
 $6  an hour during 12:01am-11:59am Fridays
$10 an hour during 5:00pm Fri – 11:59pm Sun
Daily rate is $63 Mon-Thurs or $78 on weekends.
Receive a FREE one-year $75 Student CarShare membership.
•  Waive $25 application fee
•  Waive $50 annual fee for first year
Register using promo code: MUNSU
Sign up by Friday, February 27 at 11:59pm

Find our cars at: Area 14 -  On the East side of Curtis House at Memorial University, and at the Freshwater Road Apts

We have you covered:
•  Rent cars starting at $6 an hour
•  Gas and insurance included
•  Brand new 2015 KIA vehicles
•  Self-serve 24/7 access to vehicles
•  Build an insurance history
•  Roadside assistance
•  Winter tires
I found out about this today on the following facebook webpage.
Spotted at MUN
Info posted February 23 at 11:06am ·
I went surfing (before I registered) because I had never heard of university campuses having CarShare.
Student CarShare sees potential for huge growth as it taps into under-served
school campuses

by Kristine Owram
Posted: February 15, 2015 - Last Updated: Feb 17 10:25 AM ET

Below is link to an article in MUN's student newspaper, The Muse.

Student Car Share partners with Memorial University
The Muse
by Laura Howells

Campus Enforcement has designated two parking spaces on campus specifically for Car Share vehicles. One is in Area 14, on the east side of Curtis House; the second is in the parking lot by the University Centre.

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