Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Video-Cars create Msg in Desert to Astronaut on Space Station

The article below has a video showing the cars creating large msg in the desert  for 13 year old girl to her astronaut father so he could see it from space.

Teenager tells her astronaut father she loves him by writing giant message in the desert that can be seen from SPACE
Stephanie from Houston, Texas, has a father who works as an astronaut
She wrote a message on land that could be seen from the space station
11 cars created the 59 million sq ft message in Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake
by Caroline Mcguire for MailOnline
Published: 11:58 GMT, 14 April 2015  -  Updated: 18:28 GMT, 14 April 2015

She enlisted the help of car manufacturer Hyundai to make the earth drawing, that has now broken a world record for its size.
The car company used eleven sedans to draw the message on the land in Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake, that read ‘Steph [hearts] you!’ using coordinates and a helicopter.
Her father took a picture of the image from space to show his daughter that her plan had worked.
Measuring 5,556,411.86 square metres or 59,808,480.26 square feet, the Guinness World Record has now declared it the largest tire track image ever.
The scheme has been made into a video for Hyundai’s New Thinking Campaign.
Video - At the bottom of the following webpage, see & listen to the many people involved in the planning and creation of this msg to space.

Hyundai's spectacular tire track image record sends daughter's message to father in space
by Dan Thorne
Published 14 April 2015

11 Hyundai Genesis vehicles were used to create the incredible image, carefully planned to resemble a replica of a handwritten message from 12-year-old Stephanie to her astronaut father watching from space.
Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada was chosen as the optimal destination for the Guinness World Records attempt. The image, of the words 'Steph ♥'s You', was designed to be visible from a distance of 300 kms - with the 11 Hyundai Genesis cars creating lines 30 metres wide on the desert floor.
With the pair separated for seven months as Stephanie's father undergoes a lengthy mission, the project brought an emotional connection and an impressive new world record, confirmed by Guinness World Records adjudicators on January 18th, 2015.
Experts from Korea, Europe, and the United States worked together to create the 5.55km image - similar in size to New York City's Central Park.
The resulting video, titled 'A Message To Space' has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.
The earlier articles on the Internet might as well have included the girl's last name and name of her father.  After all, there are only a few people at the Space Center.
reporters say that "Astronaut Terry Virts, who is currently the  Commander of Expedition 43 has a teenage daughter named Stephanie".

Astronaut Gets Sweet Message He Can See From Space
ABC News
Apr 14, 2015, 9:46 AM ET
by Alyssa Newcomb


NASA says he arrived at the Space Centre via Soyuz 41 on 23 Nov 2014.
He is expected to return to earth on 14 May 2015
He is very active at posting photos on his twitter.https://twitter.com/astroterry

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