Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Create Beautiful Coloured Frozen Globes using Balloons, Food Colouring & Water

There are a variety of  pics showing beautiful coloured frozen globes in the snow on the Internet.
Some people make these balls during winter by using food colouring in water-filled balloons that are set outside to freeze in the snow. 

I have attached a copy of the photo that I liked the best of all that I have seen so far !
I do NOT know who owns the copyright on this photo.
I have seen it in various places on the Internet.
If you own it, or know who owns the copyright, please contact me.
Depending on your wishes, I will either give you credit, link to your site, or just remove it from this post.
 It's important to put them on the snow covering a grassy area so the food colouring doesn't stain anything as the globes melt.

                                    ILLUMINATED  GLOBES

Some people buy cheap LED lights at dollar stores and put these (in plastic bags) under the globes.  The illuminated globes look wonderful on the internet !
Some people lightup a pathway with them.

A woman named Debbie has a lovely photo of illuminated clear globes and an interesting description with step-by-step photos on her website and enthusiastic comments from her readers.
The video below shows a woman making such globes for her first time.
She was successful !
She said she wished she had bought lighter coloured balloons so she could see the food colour as she rubbed the balloon to coat the inside before adding the water.  She used dark blue balloons.

Her video - "Frozen Orbs" Frozen Water Balloons With Food Coloring

                                IMPORTANT  WARNING

Some people have had the balloons break in their kitchen, or maybe lost their grip on the neck of the balloon while tying it and ended up with coloured water sprayed all over their kitchen cupboards, counter top and floor making a big mess.

Some people got food colouring on their clothes and stained fingers.

It might be a good idea to blowup a balloon first to a larger size than you intend to fill it with the food colouring & water and then let the air out gradually so you know your balloon can stretch without breaking.  Water expands when it freezes.

Water weighs quite a lot so it is probably a good idea to support the bottom of the balloon with one hand while holding the neck of the balloon tightly onto the faucet with the other hand.
Then when you are tying the knot, maybe rest the balloon on the bottom of the sink.

The video shows the woman putting the filled balloons into a bowl to carry outside.

You might want to put foil pie plates under your globes to catch coloured water as they melt some on warmer days or sunny days.
Otherwise, your doorstep or deck might get stained, and people might track coloured water on their boots/shoes into your house and stain your carpets or flooring.

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