Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Stephen Harper's legacy: Good, bad and a dose of ugly" - article by Terry Milewski (CBC)

I have always enjoyed listening to news reports or reading articles by Terry Milewski - Senior Correspondent for CBC.

I particularly enjoyed reading the following article published yesterday.

Analysis: Stephen Harper's legacy: Good, bad and a dose of ugly
The Harper decade ends with a tangled legacy and an abrasive style that alienated friend and foe
CBC News
By Terry Milewski
Posted:           Oct 20, 2015 12:16 AM ET
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2015  1:21  PM ET

QUOTE:        ( NOTE:   Bolding is mine. )
And the new ships? Be patient. For all Harper's chest-thumping about his
shipbuilding plan, the Arctic patrol ships are five years behind schedule, the
supply ships are eight years behind and the icebreaker ... just hang on for a
decade or so.
Typically, though, the spin has arrived on time. The icebreaker has a name!
It's the Diefenbaker. So — metaphor alert — it sounds like a rock-ribbed
Conservative, but it's not real.

I have Terry Milewski's twitter saved in my Favourites list.
At present, there is a nice pic of the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Henry Larsen & an iceberg as the header pic on Terry Milewski's twitter page.
I don't know how often he changes his header pic.

I prefer always pics to be focused with enough bits so that a person can actually read the name of the ship.

I compared the pic to the pic of CCGS Henry Larsen on CCG Fleet webpage:

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