Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Now-Watch Total Solar Eclipse Live on Internet

Right now I am watching today's total solar eclipse live on the Internet at the following website.


While you read interesting info, scroll down to watch the Slooh Feed of Total Solar Eclipse.
This is embedded by the Slooh Community Observatory.
It has very interesting, enthusiastic commentary as you watch with conversations with various guests.

Many astronomers and eclipse enthusiasts are making the trip to Indonesia to capture the event, and the folks with the Slooh Community Observatory will be broadcasting the view from Indonesia out over their livefeed.

Their 3-hour broadcast will cover the entire eclipse, from when the Moon first starts to cover the Sun, through totality, and until the Moon completely leaves the solar disk behind.

You can also watch live on Slooh's own wonderful website.
While you are on the website, have a look at their upcoming live events.
Slooh - Space for Everyone

Slooh twitter:  @Slooh

In Canada, the times to watch the video tonight, Tuesday 8 March 2016 are:
• Newfoundland:                                                                7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
• Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Labrador:                 7      p.m. to 10      p.m.
• Quebec, Ontario, eastern Nunavut:                                 6     p.m. to   9      p.m.
• Manitoba, Saskatchewan, central Nunavut:                    5     p.m. to   8      p.m.
• Alberta, northwestern Nunavut, Northwest Territories:   4     p.m. to   7      p.m.
• British Columbia, Yukon:                                                 3     p.m. to   6      p.m.

the eclipse itself makes a smooth transition across the planet from west to east, starting in Indonesia and ending north of Hawaii. Simply based on the way we organize our time zones and calendar, and the 12-hour difference between the different sides of the International Date Line (IDL), though, it will actually be seen first on March 9 for those locations west of the IDL, and then end on March 8 for those east of it.

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