Sunday, March 6, 2016

Video-Children on Snow Slide from Deck of House

I thought you'd enjoy this video of children playing on a snow slide made in their yard.
It looks like great fun !
It's clever turning deck into the top of slide by removing a few feet of the railing and bracing a large board covered in thick snow to make a slide.
It is especially nice how the track curves safely around so there is no danger of the children going into the street.
I agree with the comment a person made that it looks like a miniature blob sled track.

Title:    Snow Slide InSanity
Best Snow Day Idea EVER!!!
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posted by StormTracker 13
24 January 2014

P.S. I know it is not a new video - however, today is first time that I saw it.   I thought it might be new to you as well.

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