Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Video-Little boy driving small boat built by his dad

This video is adorable of a little boy driving a small boat that his dad, Mart Whyte, built for his children in Australia.

The boy has a life-jacket on and 2 adult men are in the water keeping an eye on the child.

Briefly at the end, you see a little girl driving this boat.

Thought I'd share another clip of the mini ski boat I built for my kids.

To answer the 10000 emails/msgs I get everyday about it,
No, I didn't buy it anywhere.
100% built from scratch in the back shed here in Australia.
all aluminium.
powered by a 26cc 2 stroke engine.
No, I don't have any plans for sale or parts
(most common question I keep getting)
It was built for my kids as a replica of my father-in-law's Lewis boomerang ski boat (as seen in the last part of this clip)
Lewis Boats - The Australian Ski Boat Company

Of course, here in Canada, a parent would have to watch out for the Transport Canada authorities who look after the Pleasure Craft Operator rules. 

Chances are that some killjoy would report the parents if children played in a very public place.

However, Canada is a very big country with lots of lakes & ponds with privacy.
Good neighbours, friends & relatives would warn parents if authorities or busy-bodies were approaching the area.  So easy to do with cellphones nowadays.
Personally, I would consider the risk of a rare fine of $250 trivial and no deterrent at all.
Pleasure Craft Operator Card

QUOTE:           (bolding & red colour was done by me)
everyone who operates a motorized pleasure craft must carry proof of competency on board.
This includes all types of motorized boats, no matter their size or horsepower of the engine (this includes small boats with electric motors.)
Pleasure Craft Operator Card

QUOTE:           (bolding & red colour was done by me)
The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations which fall within the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 require operators of pleasure craft in Canada, fitted with a motor and used for recreational purposes, to have proof of competency on board with them at all times. The regulation applies to sailboats that are fitted with auxiliary motors and to personal watercraft, not just to motorboats. A fine ($250, in the form of a ticket) can be levied by a law enforcement officer upon an operator who fails to show proof of competency (as prescribed within the federal Contraventions Regulations / Contraventions Act).

Since September 15, 2009, all persons operating a pleasure craft that is fitted with a motor require proof of operator competency, regardless of that person's age, the size of the pleasure craft, or the size of the motor.

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