Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Ocean's Garden-Children's book-whales,Giant Squid

I love the delightful children's book, The Ocean's Garden, written and illustrated, by Newfoundland author, Daniel Porter.

Children, ages 7-9 yrs old, can enjoy a good adventure story about 3 whales (Narwhal, Humpback & Beluga), a hermit crab & a giant squid and learn about the sea and its creatures.

The following is a review from the newspaper, The Evening Telegram:
"The Ocean's Garden is more than just a good read. Kids who read the book will learn about whales and the environment in which they live. They'll also find out how much nicer the world can be when there's co-operation and understanding and mutual respect. Plus, they'll learn just how effective laughter can be as a tool against unpleasantries. The story of the whales is essentially the story about family interaction."

This wonderful book can be purchased world-wide from the following website:

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