Sunday, July 23, 2017

Wonderful Children's show "Splash and Bubbles" on PBS

This morning, I  watched a wonderful TV show for children on PBS called "Splash and Bubbles" re marine creatures who live in Reeftown.  Adults can also enjoy it and learn re marine biology and oceanography.

This is the first time that I happened to see it.  I thought I'd tell you about it in case it is new to you as well.
The is a very long list of reef characters at the wikipedia website:
an American computer-animated children's television series created by John Tartaglia. The series debuted on PBS Kids on November 23, 2016.  The series is produced using motion capture that blends with animatronic interfaces which enables the crew to make animation.

and Bubbles follows a yellowback fusilier (though at times he and the narrator claim that he is a yellowtail fusilier), Splash, who settles in Reeftown after looking all over the ocean. He then befriends Bubbles, a mandarin dragonet, and the duo, along with friends Dunk and Ripple, explore the reef to venture and make new friends. Each episode also includes a documentary segment, Get Your Feet Wet, which features kids asking questions that are occasionally followed up by a musical number.


Splash, Bubbles and their best friends Dunk and Ripple go on epic adventures, discovering marine biology and oceanography as they meet all kinds of “citizens of the sea.” With lots of play, comedy and music, these Reeftown Rangers explore the one big ocean we all share.
 I have only quoted part of an interesting Press Release
 QUOTE:     ( NOTE:  I did the bolding )
Created by John Tartaglia (Imaginocean, Johnny and the Sprites), Splash and Bubbles (80 x 11’) premiered in fall 2016 on PBS KIDS®, and encourage kids ages 4–7 to explore the diversity and spectacle of our natural undersea world. Through humorous characters and fun-filled storylines, supported by lively music with a Motown flair, children everywhere will want to learn more about our ocean and the diverse life teeming within it.

Developed with an advisory panel of top marine biologists, digital media innovators and preschool educators, Splash and Bubbles is produced using the Emmy Award-winning Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a proprietary technology from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ that allows puppeteers to perform digitally-animated characters in real-time, enabling the animation to be more lifelike and spontaneous, resulting in a unique and fresh look that is unlike traditional CG.

Splash and Bubbles is produced by The Jim Henson Company (Dinosaur Train, Sid The Science Kid, Doozers) and Herschend Studios, the media arm of Herschend Enterprises (Dollywood, Harlem Globetrotters). Herschend Enterprises will support the series with broad-reaching location-based entertainment including a 4-D film with SimEx Iwerks Entertainment, live-shows and experiential attractions at theme parks, aquariums and other venues.

The series is funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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