Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pic & Article - ugly "Anti-Bird Spikes" on trees - England

This is NOT FAKE news - strange as it sounds - some people have put ugly "Anti-bird spikes" on the branches of trees !

The pic with the following article will shock many people ! 

However, if you look carefully, you will see that not all the branches are covered with the anti-bird spikes.  So perhaps birds can still sit on the other branches. 

Maybe the anti-bird spikes would be less ugly if the spikes were coloured green &/or brown to better blend in with the branches/leaves - sort of camouflage coloured.

Wealthy Bristol residents cause uproar by installing 'anti-bird spikes' to stop droppings hitting expensive cars
Trees rendered 'literally uninhabitable' say activists
by Sarah Ward, Esme Ashcroft
Posted: Tuesday 19 December 2017 09:49 GMT

Bird spikes are also sold by several companies in USA & Canada- usually to be installed on buildings.

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