Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Movie "A Boy and His Dog"-1975 starring Don Johnson

Watching one of my favourite movies, "A Boy and His Dog" - 1975

SilverScreenClassics channel plays it every now & then

Stars:       Don Johnson,  Jason Robards & Susanne Benton
Director:  L.Q. Jones

Review by Roger Ebert in 1976 - 2 1/2 stars

"A Boy and His Dog" is a weird, offbeat sci-fi movie about one of the genre's favorite subjects: the survivors of a nuclear holocaust. The year is 2024 (a year the ads inform us, rather optimistically, we'll probably live to see), and America has been buried under a deep covering of radioactive dust. On the surface, roaming bands of marauders kill each other for women and canned goods. A half-mile below, domed cities preserve -- or should I say embalm -- a ghastly parody of middle-class life.

The boy of the title is Vic (Don Johnson), who's spent 18 years struggling to survive on the surface. The dog is Blood, a cheerful mutt who can communicate telepathically

"A Boy and His Dog" is based on a well-known novella by Harlan Ellison, onetime enfant terrible of science fiction and a practitioner of new-wave s-f, in which biological and reproductive functions of men and women are considered at least as important as those of bug-eyed monsters. The story seemed almost to defy filming, but it's been successfully visualized by L.Q. Jones.


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