Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Video WWI-Royal Newfoundland Regiment thru Turkey, Belgium & France

This wonderful video - titled "Trail of the Caribou" of  WWI by Allan Hawco & Mark Critch retraces the steps of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment through Turkey, Belgium and France.

In this video, visits are made to the graveyards & monuments that are being looked after with friendly, respectful care by Turkey, Belgium and France & visited by Canadians - including Newfoundlanders - every year.

You can watch this full documentary Trail of the Caribou - 45 minutes:

Both Allan Hawco & Mark Critch are Newfoundlanders.
During WWI, Newfoundland was a country.
It joined Canada as our 10th province in 1949.

Allan Hawco, an Actor, Writer & Executive Producer, is one of Canada's most recognizable stars.

Mark Critch is a popular Canadian comedian and actor.

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