Sunday, May 27, 2012

"We Can All Join In: How Rock Festivals Helped Change America" by Bill Mankin

Today I discovered the following really interesting article.
I think that some of my readers might also enjoy reading it and viewing the photos.

We Can All Join In: How Rock Festivals Helped Change America
by Bill Mankin
Mar 4, 2012

Certainly there were other events, developments and gatherings that had a major socio-cultural and political impact during those years, which arguably comprised one of the most dramatic and volatile periods of cultural evolution in American history. Be-ins, sit-ins, teach-ins, protests, demonstrations, rallies, marches, and the collective student bodies of college and university campuses nationwide – all played their parts as communal opportunities for personal participation in the transformation. But perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that, over a few short years, rock festivals played a unique, significant – and underappreciated – role in fueling the countercultural shift that swept not only America but many other countries, over forty years ago. It seems fitting, then, that one of the most enduring labels for the entire generation of that era was derived from a rock festival: the “Woodstock Generation”.

About Bill Mankin

Bill Mankin is a music-lover, writer and international environmental policy activist who spent his teenage years in the 1960s in Atlanta. He attended five rock festivals in Georgia and Florida from 1968-1970, serving as a volunteer for one of them and as a member of the construction and stage crews for another. From 1969-1973 he also worked on innumerable rock concert stage and security crews, in promotions, as a stage manager, and on concert tours as an equipment roadie, truck driver, and sound technician in charge of stage audio. He currently lives in Washington, DC, where he occasionally recalls a favorite quote: "We are ugly, but we have the music." (Leonard Cohen, from Chelsea Hotel No. 2).

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FiveGunsWest said...

Great post. I got here through the country joe mcdonald link. I am a writer...microblogger for the Los Angeles Free Press and have currently covered monterey pop........and am gearing up for woodstock............i am interested in more concert thoughts as all these anniversaries go by....thanks for posting!

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